Make It Elegant And Glassy



Our company provides various types and shapes of one – pane and double – pane windows, eco – friendly windows, including the replacement of window frames. Aside installation of new windows, we offer emergency replacements of the damaged glass.


Our company offers specifically designed glass panels for patio and sunrooms enclosures. From elegant and classic projects to extravagant home renovations, we provide engineering expertise and the installation of required glass elements.


Framed or frameless shower doors made of durable and blurred glass, variously designed and shaped, are mush more practical and aesthetical. We provide custom models manufactured according to dimensions of your bathtub and bathroom design.

Flat Glass

Wide assortment of flat glasses is particularly attractive for commercial use. Many companies purchase our flat glass products to install them as the wide windows, transparent walls among offices, windscreens or glass doors.

Why Choose Us?

We still believe in the old policy that the quality will speak for itself. The quality of the mere products, as well as the quality of our relations with customers. We provide rich assortment with a year of warranty, available customer service, affordable prices and professional approach to each project.


Our Work

Our company manufactures, installs and repairs all sorts of glass and mirrors for residential and commercial use. We also provide glass items required for vehicles. We offer large scale of pre – designed products, but products can also be custom made according to your wishes. Trained technicians install our products or repair damaged glass elements.

Our experience

The company has a forty years long tradition and a great reputation in the glass industry. We are well – known as a high – quality, professional and reliable glass service in Atlanta region. Thousands of regular clients use our products in their residences, but we also had experience working with hundred companies and local businesses.


Our results

For quite a long time, the company was focused onto manufacturing and installing residential glass items, mainly windows. Later on, we’ve noted down on the list of our results hundreds of commercial projects, expansion of our assortment to showers, flat glasses, sunrooms, vehicle glasses, with the number of satisfied clients increasing.


Our team includes educated, trained, professional and dedicated technicians who keep improving their skills and knowledge continuously in our company. We also work closely with interior designers, construction engineers, residential property managers, material suppliers, specialized drivers and many other associated branches. Here is a list of our preferred contractors in the Atlanta, GA area:


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