Glass Shower Doors: Pros And Cons

Installing glass shower doors will change the overall appearance of your bathroom, increase its value, bring a touch of modern design and perhaps even release you from some dreadful routine cleaning. However, every glass company in Atlanta, GA will offer you wide range of models and glass types to choose from, which may be a hard decision, especially if you are not familiar with the topic. Before making this decision, you should consider your budget, your design preferences, the need for privacy and some other practical aspects you might expect from this glass door. Here are pros and cons of some common glass types to help you make the right decision for your bathroom.

Classic clear glass door

Classic-clear-glass-doorThis basic model of glass shower door is the most popular among clients, mostly due to its neutral appearance that fits into any bathroom design. Further, this glass can be cleaned with any cleaner and it’s the cheapest model. The major drawback is lack of privacy, since it’s completely transparent.

“Sandy” or frosted glass

This model of glass shower doors usually looks attractive and suits as a great design statement in your bathroom. It is created by sandblasting the glass to make it blurred, which will provide privacy while showering. The downside is that this type of glass is more difficult to clean. Since dirt and soap scum will probably accumulate in small spores of the glass, you’ll have to use sponge and abrasive cleaner to keep it clean and safe from bacteria.

Darkened or tinted glass

Darkened-or-tinted-glassThis type of glass is originally made of tinted glass and it comes in various tones, including bronze, black, dark blue, grey or brown. This opaque design will provide enough privacy while showering and it is great designing element to enhance the rest of the colors in your bathroom. It is not hard to clean, nevertheless. Two main cons refer to the cost of this glass shower door, since it usually costs more than other models. Also, if you decide one day to redesign your bathroom completely, you might find that color of this tinted door doesn’t suit your new design.