How To Choose The Best Window Glass

If you decide to install new window glasses in your residence or you need emergency replacement windows, you will get all the necessary guidelines and solutions in our glass company in Atlanta, GA. Our technicians will explain you all you need to know about various types of window glasses and suggest you the best one for your situation. However, if you want to get familiar with the matter in advance, here is a brief overview of the basic types of window glasses and their major properties.

Float or flat glass

flat-glassThis is the most common type of glass used for residential and commercial windows. It is colorless, completely transparent, smooth and classically elegant. It is made of molted glass and glass companies cut it into various shapes. It’s easy to clean, provides mid temperature regulation and an excellent insolation within the premises. It is the cheapest type of window glass, hence most people opt for this type.

Laminated window glass

Laminated-window-glassThis type of window glass is made via laminated technology and it resembles glasses used as windshields in vehicles. The main trait of this glass is its durability, strength and safety. Namely, since it is made of two panes added on both sides of a middle layer, it possesses extreme strength and it will probably stay within the frame even if broken. If safety is your primary goal, this glass is a perfect choice. It is also energy efficient and relatively easy to maintain.

Tinted and obscured glasses

Both types of these glasses are blurred in some manner. Tinted glasses have colors added while manufacturing, while obscured glasses are frosted or coated in some way to achieve the blurred effect. Consequentially, these glasses will provide extra privacy, protection from an excessive sunlight and UV rays and control the temperature inside the premises effectively. The texture allows the light to come in, but prevents seeing through the glass from the outside. Although these types of window glasses are commonly seen on commercial windows, vehicles or shower doors, many people install house windows with these glasses to enhance the attractive design effect.